Company overview

M-GAZ EOOD was founded in 2006 in the city of Ruse and started its first project for establishing filling stations for compressed natural gas in Bulgaria with building and putting into operation its first complex "Lipnik" in Ruse. The second complex "Lauta" is in the city of Plovdiv and operates since 2008. We opened doors in Blagoevgrad in 2010.

The compressed natural gas stations have double-charging gas dispensers, allowing quick and simultaneous charging with compressed natural gas (CNG) of cars, light and heavy-weight vehicles, buses and trailers. The equipment is provided by the leading Italian company SAFE SRL, and complies with all requirements of EU legislative framework. It is remarkable for its great speed of charging and its reliability.

The 4th compressed natural gas station in Ruse represents the largest compressor station for natural gas on the Balkan Peninsula. The four compressors for natural gas, working independently from one another, are mounted with the capacity of 2 500 Sm³/h. They can also work in parallel and provide total capacity of 10 000 Sm³/h. They provide a high degree of reliability and even in case of failure in one machine, the others ensure smooth operation of the charging installation.

M-GAZ EOOD owns 22 trailers for compressed natural gas with volume of 5 962 м³ each, which are used for delivery of natural gas for industrial users.

The mission of M-GAZ EOOD is to develop the market of natural gas in Bulgaria, replacing the gasoline and propane/butane as motor fuel, thus reducing the pollutant emissions in the atmosphere.

The team of experts of M-GAZ EOOD consists of professionals, experienced in the activities of delivery, operation, service, and reporting of natural gas. The company’s policy is to continuously improve the business culture for establishing stable partnerships within the market conditions, improvement of the quality of the performed activities, information security, health and safety at work, and complying with the requirements of the interested parties.