M-Gas EOOD is among the participants in the category “Investor in the environment” at the Annual Responsible Business Awards 2022, organized by the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF). The awards ceremony will take place in March.

The organizors announced that the record number of 134 social good programmes implemented by more than 80 companies are competing for the prominent prizes in the seven categories. For the first time, the largest number of entries was in the Investor in the Environment category – 28, which is a clear indicator of the companies’ commitment to specific green goals and the steps taken to achieve them.

The name of the project with which M-Gas participated is “To protect the environment”.

The environmental policy of M-Gas EOOD to protect, restore and improve the environment is one of the main priorities of the company. In order to continue to have a leading role in providing clean energy for business, the company’s sustainable development strategy includes managing a responsible business that brings benefits to society. Through the goals focused on environmental, social and governance factors, the firm is working towards sustainable development of the business and the creation of added value for the company’s customers and employees. ‎