The installed information system of M-Gas is proof that M-Gas is a highly technological company.

The integrated information system allows for high efficiency, productivity in terms of performance, as well as security of the data, with which M-Gas operates.

The installed information system of M-Gas includes:
  • CRM – module for managing the client relations
  • Reports – module for accounting the real usage of CNG of our clients
  • SCADA – module for monitoring and managing the equipment for delivering CNG to clients in real time, which gives the possibility for distance detection of actual quantity of CNG consumed by our clients
  • Toll pass – module for heavy-freight vehicles with CNG as their main fuel. They correspond to the European standard of emissions EURO 6 and to all requirements for transporting goods in Bulgaria and the European Union
  • ELM – module for operating and supporting the equipment and gas installations
  • Billing – module for invoicing, payment and data exchange with banks
  • Skywatch and GPS Tracking System – the module collects information about the behavior and the state of the motor vehicles. Its task is to systemize, process and visualize data for the vehicle
  • Board device for automatic taxation at the republican road network. Toll pass is a convenient solution for professionals in the transportation industry who use the automatic taxation in Bulgaria. Toll pass is a device which gives vehicles with alternative fuel the opportunity to return 50% of the cost of the charged distance

System for Management and Monitoring

Monitoring of the equipment for delivery of compressed natural gas

The quantity of consumed natural gas is measured by special means checked and marked by ‎licensed authorities. An additional module in SCADA, provided for all our customers, assures ‎online monitoring via PC or mobile device of the following parameters: hourly consumption, ‎daily consumption and monthly consumption of natural gas. In this way your gas specialist ‎will have information of the consumed quantity, in order to perform control and monitoring ‎of the production cost.‎


Advice for safety

Your safety is our main priority

Useful advice for using natural gas safely in industry and transport.

It is mandatory to follow the regulations for fire safety

1. In case of emergency or fire, call 112 immediately
2. Turn off the gas devices and if possible, close the tap of your gas installation

For the construction, assembly or repairs of the installation, trust reliable and established professionals in the field

1. Do not try to repair any damage yourself
2. In case of an issue with the gas installation, immediately call the company that installed it and entered it into operation

Always do maintenance of the gas installation and the appliances

The company-owner and user of the gas installation is required to do maintenance and to operate it in accordance with the current regulatory framework ‎of the Republic of Bulgaria

If you think or feel that there might be a gas leak, it is key that you:

1. Do not turn on the lights in the room
2. Do not use lighters or matches on the premises. Do not smoke
3. Close the tap immediately, as it will interrupt the process of transferring natural gas to the appliances.