Corporate Social Responsibility

In M-Gas we deeply believe that each person should strive to realize their dreams and to ‎bear his or her responsibility. In M-Gas we are united and we chose to work for this ‎company to realize ourselves in the profession that we chose and to be as useful to ‎society as possible. ‎

In M-Gas we are people who are not indifferent to what happens around us and our ‎actions speak louder than our words.

Corporate social responsibility for M-Gas is a necessity that we follow for almost 20 years. ‎In M-Gas, we believe that Bulgaria could be a successful country with educated, able and ‎proud Bulgarians. ‎

M-Gas offers trainings in the form of scholarships, supports culture and the arts and devotes ‎time and resources for ecology and protection of the environment. ‎‎

M-Gas is a highly responsible company that in its activity applies the best production, ‎technological and corporate practices. M-Gas develops their business as it takes care of ‎the environment, it creates safe and healthy working conditions for its employees, and ‎continues to invest resources in the development of the human potential. ‎

M-Gas continues for close to 20 years to follow its commitment towards Bulgarian society ‎and its responsibility for the advantages of its activity. ‎

Since 2004, M-Gas invests resources into high-value projects that benefit the Bulgarian ‎society. Our efforts are directed towards the following areas: ‎

  • Cleaning of the forests and river beds
  • Planting of trees
  • “What is M-Gas for me” – to see the company where my parents work

The initiative gives children of M-Gas employees the possibility to see that work is important and each person has to be of benefit to society. Once every 3 months, for 2 hours the children of M-Gas employees visit the company and follow the work of employees in different positions in order to understand the different types of work and to make an informed choice when choosing their own profession.

ESG Strategy

We have set clear and measurable goals for sustainable development, with focus on the environmental, social and governance factors. We outlined the sectors where we have made progress and we will continue to develop.

М-Газ ESG стратегия

What M-Gas does for benefiting the environment?

Thanks to our efforts to popularize the usage of natural gas, in M-Gas we have saved dozens of thousands of tons of harmful emissions, greenhouse gases and fine dust particles to be emitted into the atmosphere for close to 20 years. The ecology policy lead by M-Gas for protecting, recovery and improvement of the environment is one of the main priorities of M-Gas.

M-Gas is one of the main companies in the country that participates successfully in the recovery of the forests. For close to 20 years, we work on our project “To help the Bulgarian forest”.

Through organizing specialized educational programs connected to ecology “Get to know nature better”, M-Gas would like to elevate the culture of ecology in children and teenagers by teaching them to recycle and to use nature resources responsibly. The efforts that M-Gas makes to build the foundations of a more sustainable future and a constant economic rise that immensely go together with the care for the environment.

M-Gas supports the cause “Caps for future” since 2018. We have gathered and sent for recycling over 200 kg of plastic. ‎


In 2020, M-Gas EOOD donated 20 000 BGN and it this way joined the donations campaign during the state of emergency. The company supported the Municipality of Ruse and gave contribution in the fight against the spread of coronavirus in Bulgaria.
The sum was given to the Municipality of Ruse ‎with the aim of supporting the healthcare establishments that take care of patients with COVID-19, and it covered arising extraordinary medical costs.

M-Gas EOOD donated 1000 BGN to the Bulgarian Red Cross in the beginning of March for the people suffering from the war in Ukraine. We made a donation of children clothes and blankets worth a total of 1278.66 BGN

Internship initiative

In M-Gas we love our job, because:

  • We give businesses the cheapest and most ecologically clean energy that is natural gas
  • Through our job, we are reducing considerably the harmful emissions in the atmosphere
  • We are constantly training and refining
Internship initiative

In M-Gas we believe in the young people. They are smart, educated and intelligent. They support the company in its constant development. We need specialists with various skills – technical, engineering and economics. A large part of our interns become permanent colleagues after completing the training. The internship program gives young people the opportunity to work in the specialty they choose and that interests them. During the internship program, a mentor is appointed, who consults them at any time.

“Open Doors” program

During the meeting, the guests can receive additional information and could ask questions regarding the work process

Leadership Academy of the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria

Is a one year training in several one-day modules, dedicated to the development of personal and professional skills of the participants.

Competition for children’s drawings

On October 29th, 2021, children of M-Gas’ employees presented their drawings, in which they visually describe the company where their parents work