Natural gas becomes part of the green taxonomy of the European union from 2023, which accents on the importance of natural as an energy source in the transition towards green energy and carbon neutrality. When substituting traditional petroleum products with natural gas, the harmful ‎emissions, released in the atmosphere when burning them, are reduced, leading ‎to a better state of the environment‎. The usage of natural gas allows the toxic substances, soot and the smoke from the exhaust gases to be reduced 4 times.

‎Natural gas could be used for heating, cooling, production of hot water for industrial and household needs ‎and as fuel in the automotive transport. Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a technology, giving the possibility to realize deliveries of ‎natural gas to all customers, located outside the gas distribution networks of the monopolists ‎and their network, allowing these customers to take advantage of natural gas with competitive prices ‎and no conditions, imposed by the network operators. The advantages are already realized by many companies in different sectors of the economy, ‎such as dairy farms, grain-drying factories, factories for drying tobacco, tailoring ‎establishments, printing house, foundries, factories for creating metal products, construction ‎companies (asphalt bases), mining industry and many more.

What is the ESG strategy of M-Gas?

„M-Gas is a highly responsible company that in its activity applies the best production, ‎technological and corporate practices. Thanks to our efforts to popularize the usage of natural gas, in M-Gas we have saved dozens of thousands of tons of harmful emissions, greenhouse gases and fine dust particles to be emitted into the atmosphere for close to 20 years. Since the company operates, we are following the ecological principles, as well as those of sustainable development,” shared Eng. Stoyan Manolov, General Manager and Owner of M-Gas EOOD.

The company has the responsibility of creating healthy and safe conditions for working ‎of their employees and to invest additional resources into the development of human potential. In the company, women have equal rights to men. Close to 20% of all employees in the firm are women, but mostly women work at the management level – 70%. At the company there is no pay gap between the salaries of men and women doing the same work.

M-Gas EOOD is a responsible company that gives their positive contribution to society by supporting different causes. The company supported financially the Municipality of Ruse during the Covid-19 pandemic ‎with the aim of covering the arising extraordinary medical costs and in 2022 the Bulgarian Red Cross for the people suffering from the war in Ukraine.


Employees are encouraged to join volunteering initiatives, connected with the protection of the environment, such as cleaning of the forests and river beds, as well as planting trees. Twice a year, the company gives the possibility half a working day to be spent by helping a green cause.