M-Gas EOOD donates 20 000 BGN and joins the campaign to help the situation of emergency. The company supports the Municipality of Ruse and gives its contribution to stop the spread of Coronavirus in Bulgaria. The sum will be given free of charge to the Municipality of Ruse with the aim of supporting hospitals that treat patients with COVID-19 and to cover extraordinary cost of medical needs.


“In a moment like this, the health and the life of the people is the most important,” said eng. Stoyan Manolov, manager and owner of M-Gas EOOD. “We believe that the best way to deal with this situation is to be united and to take care of the health of the people from Ruse and the Bulgarian citizens,” Manolov added.


The company continues to work with clients during the state of emergency, by realizing regular deliveries of compressed natural gas to companies in the food industry, hospitals and factories with a constant cycle of production. In the company, we took additional measures of safety. The M-Gas EOOD team wears protective masks, helmets and gloves while doing their work, while in the firm’s administration people work remotely since the announcement of the state of emergency.