M-Gas EOOD participated at the conference „The diverse roles of Women in the Green transition“, organized by the Council of women in business in Bulgaria and Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The event’s aim was to show how diverse can be the roles of women at the front of green inovations and sustainable change in society and economics.

The company was represented by Gergana Manolova, sustainability manager. She was the moderator of the first panel “Innovations in the green transition” and later she presented the company’s ESG strategy during the second panel, dedicated to the “diverse roles of women in the green transition“. There she discussed the role of the woman who transforms and prepares the company for the green transition.

“The ecologic policy that M-Gas focuses on the protection, restoration and improvement of the environment and is one of the main priorities of the company. The firm sets clear and measurable goals for sustainable development and achieves carbon neutrality by 2030,” she said.

“To continue to have a leading role in providing clean energy for business, the company’s sustainable development strategy includes managing a responsible business that brings benefits to society. Through the goals focused on environmental, social and government factors, work is being done on the sustainable development of the business and the creation of added value for the company’s customers and employees,” added Manolova.

“Nearly 20% of all the company’s employees are women, but the highest positions in the company are ocupied mostly by women – their percentage in senior management is 70. In the firm, there is no difference in the pay of men and women for one and the same position,” she said.

More details about the event are available here: https://esgnews.bg/raznoobraznite-roli-na-zhenite-v-zeleniya-prehod/