M-Gas Ltd has joined the country’s Diversity Charter. In doing so, the company reaffirms its commitment to applying the principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in its operations.

The Bulgarian Charter is part of the European Platform of Diversity Charters and is a joint initiative of the Center for the Study of Democracy and the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum. It aims to promote social inclusion and encourage companies to develop and implement policies that ensure equal opportunity for all.

M-Gas has an anti-discrimination policy in place since the company’s launch. In the company, women have equal opportunities with men. An employee code of conduct is in place, which establishes moral and ethical norms, principles and standards for the conduct of the company’s employees, in line with the company values enshrined in the company policy, as well as the principles of the UN Global Compact, as a basis for the well-being of the company and everyone working there. A Diversity and Inclusion Policy has also recently been in force. The policy promotes diversity in order to attract a wide range of qualities and competencies when recruiting members of the company’s team and to achieve a diversity of perspectives and experiences. Diversity culture is about attracting and incorporating multiple competencies, viewpoints and perspectives to reflect the diversity of society.

Respecting the rights, freedoms and human values of employees and customers and avoiding any form of discrimination – gender, race, religion and political affiliation – is important to the company. M-Gas strives to create a work environment where its employees have the opportunity to work in a diverse, mutually supportive team and in an inclusive work culture that allows them to maximize their potential.

M-Gas is committed to improving diversity in all aspects as it is an important tool for enriching ideas and perspectives. The company strives for adequate diversity in terms of education and training, as well as gender and age of team members to ensure diversity in their qualifications and competencies.