M-Gas EOOD donated close to 3 000 BGN for those affected by the earthquake in Turkiye and Syria. The donation was made by the company, and employees added to the sum additional personal resources. The collected money was donated to the regional mufti.

M-Gas responded to the call for donations of the Muslim faith and supported their campaign to help the victims of the earthquakes. It started immediately after the devastating natural disaster, and by February 17, 1,940,000 BGN had been collected.

Since the establishment of the company more than 17 years ago, M-Gas EOOD supports organizations that contribute to the protection of the environment and the prosperity of local communities. It often happens that funds are invested in a cause that employees have proposed and support with their work and personal funds. ‎ ‎Most often the causes are related to the protection of the environment, but sometimes the employees ‎choose to support with their work an organization in need of help at the specific moment, such as the situation after the earthquake. We have previously supported causes such as dealing with COVID-19 and the crisis in Ukraine.